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Wallpaper Removal Service North Down | How to Guide

Removing wallpaper is one of those DIY jobs very few look forward to starting. Unfortunately at times we must remove old paper before painting or repapering a room. The good news is that there are several options that will make your life a whole lot easier the next time you need to remove wallpaper.

Wallpaper removal service

Hire a professional and save yourself the time and stress. Most painting and decorating companies offer a wallpapering removal service. Here at Clear Cut Painting I offer just that service, saving my clients the headache of stripping wallpaper.

Claim your FREE no obligation quotation, so you know how much it will cost before the job commences. Maybe wallpaper stripping is the only service that you require, I understand and won’t be offended. Sometimes we just need a little bit of professional help to get the project under way.

Areas that I cover in North Down include : Bangor, Helens Bay, Groomsport, Conlig, Newtownards, Holywood.

Stripping wallpaper tips and tricks

Most wallpapers have a vinyl washable surface, which is great when you need to remove dirty marks from the paper. The problem with a vinyl surface is that its water proof, meaning that water cannot penetrate the glue behind the paper.

Traditional methods recommend the use of sugar soap and the edge of a putty knife or stanly for scoring the paper. While this method does work, it is very time consuming and messy.

Painted wallpaper

Older houses especially are renowned for having wallpaper with many coats of paint applied to them over the years. This has the effect of sealing the paper, making it very difficult to remove. Scoring the surface perforating the layers of paint is the only effective way to allow water or steam penetrate the backing paper softening the glue.

If you are planning on taking the time to strip wallpaper on your own. I highly recommend the use of a Zinsser Paper Tiger Scoring Tool. The paper tiger scores the paper using six circular wheels, each with its own set of razor sharp teeth.

Zinsser recommends that a circular motion be used, generating hundreds of holes in the paper with each circular movement. The Zinsser Paper Tiger does an excellent job at perforating the upper surface on any wallpaper, without damaging the plaster underneath, reducing effort, saving time.

Wallpaper stripper

The next tool I recommend, is a wallpaper stripper, also referred to as a steamer. You can apply water to the walls after scoring without the use of a steamer, but it is slower, not to mention messy. Wallpaper strippers are not expensive, but if you are only planning on stripping one room with no future plans, it might not be a great investment. Instead, I suggest putting the money aside and hire a professional who offers a wallpaper removal service.

Easy wallpaper removal steps

  1. Cover flooring with dust sheets before starting to remove wallpaper
  2. Use the paper tiger to score the upper surface of the paper before applying the wallpaper stripper
  3. Hold the steamer over the scored section of paper for 2 – 3 minutes
  4. Using a scraper, remove the wallpaper while at the same time placing the steamer over the next section of paper.
  5. Repeat the process until completed

If you a little overwhelmed with whats involved, remember you have the option to hire myself and avail of my wallpaper removal service.

Wallpaper removal – painting

Planning on painting the walls after removing the wallpaper?  You will need to perform a few more steps before you are ready for painting. The walls may be free of wallpaper, but a sticky glue residue will have been left on the walls and must be removed.

The easiest way to remove the left over glue is by using a product called sugar soap. Formulated to remove sticky tarry deposits. You can purchase sugar soap from most builders merchants and painting stores. Once you have removed all the glue and thoroughly washed the walls. The last step is to sand the walls using aluminium oxide sandpaper 80 – 120 grade.

Your walls are ready for painting, ensure that the first coat of paint the walls receive is watered down, this will act as base coat sealing the walls before your final coats.

I hope that you have found the article Wallpaper Removal Service North Down | How to Guide helpful.

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