pressure washing service

Pressure Washing Service

Northern Ireland is known for its beautiful country side, Irish music, great food and its weather. Unfortunately our damp, wet weather is perfect for growing algae and fungus which grows on stone surfaces. Pavers, concrete, tarmac, decorative stones, flags are all examples of where you might find algae and fungus. The good news is its’s easy to clean, here at Clear Cut Painting I offer a pressure washing service for anyone living in the North Down area.

Conditions that grow algae and fungus

Algae and fungus flourish in high humidity, low sunlight, damp, wet conditions. Controlling the flow of water is one key element in slowing their growth. Any area that is continually submerged in water will accelerate the speed at which the fungus grows.

Poorly constructed flat roofs, drive ways, concrete yards that have not been placed with an adequate slope allowing water to drain, will evidently allow for the growth of algae and mold.

High pressure washer cleaning

One of the most effective ways to remove algae and fungus from surfaces is by using a high pressure washer. Fungus and algae are water proof, meaning that you need to apply force to effectively remove them.

You can treat small effected areas using a solution of one part household bleach to two parts water into a bucket. Use a circular motion loosening the fungus as you go, then rinse and repeat until all the fungus has been removed.

For larger areas, paved and tarmac drive ways, roofs, concrete yards and fencing, I recommend using a high pressure washer. Due to the resilient nature of algae and fungus and the size of the area, cleaning by hand would be unrealistic.

Pressure washing works great on :

Fencing, Garage Doors, Outdoor Grills, Driveways and Walkways, Patios and Decks, Outdoor Furniture, Swimming Pools, Decorative Signs and Statues

Pressure washing service North Down

Hire a professional : Areas I cover, Bangor, Groomsport, Helens Bay, Conlig, Newtownards, Dundonald, Holywood. Contact Andrew at Clear Cut Painting : Mob 07419998922

Types of pressure washer

Pressure washers use either electric or fuel to power a water pump, forcing water and air through a lance. Depending on the PSI (Pounds per square inch) of the pressure washer. Will determine the amount of power available to penetrate the algae and fungus.

Industrial power washers will be more powerful and can clean a larger surface area in a shorter amount of time. Some of the best pressure cleaning systems on the market are Karcher Pressure Washers.

Note, pressure washing paved areas can require the replenishment of sand between the pavers. This is dependant largely on the level of fungus growth and staining.

Pressure washing service benefits

  • Greatly reduce the amount of time required to complete the job
  • No harsh chemicals are use in the cleaning process, safe for plants, children and pets
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Remove flaking / peeling paint allowing for better adhesion with a superior finish
  • Prevent the build up of algae and mold by scheduling a yearly power wash

You can rent or purchase your own pressure washer. Keep in mind that they are expensive, time consuming and dangerous if your not familiar with how a pressure washer works. Selecting the wrong nozzle or PSI can cause damage to property or worse still yourself.

That’s why I highly recommend hiring a professional who offers a pressure washing service. Contact Andrew at Clear Cut Painting for your pressure washing and painting needs! I offer FREE quotes on all jobs, Mob 07419998922