Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion

Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion

Considering redecorating? Thinking of spending a little more cash on some posh paint? Popular designer paint company’s you may have heard of ( Farrow & Ball, Laura Ashley, Little Green, Zoffany, Fired Earth). With so much choice, who is the best designer paint company? Let me help with my review of  “little greene intelligent matt emulsion”

Little Greene Paint Company

As a professional painter and decorator running my own firm, I have plenty of experience using designer paints. My current posh paint of choice is Little Greene Paint. Their intelligent matt emulsion is a dream to apply in comparison to similar products. Creamy in texture, excellent opacity and lays off without leaving a stippling effect from the roller.

Their Intelligent eggshell is also excellent, leaving a beautiful, modern, hard wearing, cleanable finish.

Little Greene Sample Pots

When attempting to choose the perfect colour for any room, never trust the colour card or colour board. Looking at a one inch section of card will not reflect how the paint will look on a larger area.

Thankfully Little Greene intelligent matt emulsion colours are available in sample pots, while it maybe a little more expensive to buy several tester pots at £4.60 per sample. Trust me when I say, it’s worth it, designer paint is expensive, choosing the wrong colour can prove to be a costly mistake.

Due to the pigmentation in the paint, colours especially in designer paints can change with the light. It is always best to patch test the colour and then live with it for 24 – 48 hours, before making your final decision.

“Tester pots are available in matt emulsion finish only”

Little Greene Paint Prices

I mentioned earlier that posh paint is expensive, well that part wasn’t a lie. Below are Little Greene Paint prices 2019 (retail) and to give you a comparison I have added the prices for the equivalent products by one of the leading high street paint merchants, Johnstones. (LG) = Little Greene  (J) = Johnstones.

(LG) Intelligent Matt 

  • 2.5 litres : £50
  • 5 litres : £86

(J) Durable Matt

  • 2.5 litre : £37
  • 5 litres : £46

(LG) Absolute Matt 

  • 2.5 litres : £45
  • 5 litres : £80

(J) Flat Matt

  • 2.5 litres £40
  • 5 litres £65

(LG) Intelligent Eggshell

  • 1 litre : £31
  • 2.5 litres : £64

(J) Acrylic Eggshell

  • 1 Litre not available
  • 2.5 litres : 44.50

There are additional finishes & paints available from Little Greene, (Gloss, Floor, Masonry paint). Above are in my opinion the most popular from their collection. Designer paint unfortunately is not for those on a tight budget.

While some of Little Greene’s Paints (intelligent matt) are nearly twice the cost of Johnstones equivalent. Others (absolute matt) are marginally more expensive. Please note that, Johnstones “Flat Matt” is not your standard vinyl matt emulsion which costs on average £36 per 5 litres.

Absolute matt by Little Green has a very flat finish with only 3% sheen. Johnstones equivalent is Flat Matt with a 1% sheen.

Intelligent Matt Emulsion Painting Tips

Due to the additional cost involved when using designer paints. There are a few tips that will save you time, money and ensure a professional finish.

  1. Sand the ceilings, walls and woodwork with 120 grade sandpaper. You can either use a pole sander or wall sander. Most hire stores stock a variety of sanders which you can hire on a daily basis.
  2. Painting over a dark colour requires additional coats of paint. Avoid having to purchase more designer paint and base coat the affected walls with cheap contract matt emulsion first.
  3. Fill the walls using a professional filler (toupret interior filler) is excellent and used by most painter and decorators. TIP : use an led light directed upwards against the wall to reveal dents, scrapes and holes.
  4. For greater coverage dilute Little Greene intelligent matt emulsion with 10% cold water. Example, 5 litres (5000ml) of paint, diluted by 10% = 500ml (cold water).

Request a Little Green Colour Card

Little Greene Paint Stockists

Want to know where you can purchase little Greene paints? Head over to their website where they have a postcode search feature identifying LGP stockists in your area. Northern Ireland where I reside has ten Little Greene paint suppliers. Alternatively you can order directly from their website, delivery options are :

  1. Standard delivery FREE
  2. Express dispatch (Dispatched the same day if order is received before 15:00) £5.00

Note : An average sized room not including the ceilings will requires 5 litres of Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion. See tip 4 for greater coverage when using intelligent matt emulsion.

Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion

Final Thoughts

Personally for me as a professional painter and decorator I wish more customers negated the additional expense and purchased Little Greene Paints. It still surprises me to this day that people will openly spend thousands on a new extension, kitchen or other home improvements. Then search for the cheapest painting quotation they kind find.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

I estimate that if customers where to spend an average of 20 – 25% on posh paint (Little Greene) and employ the services of a trusted painter and decorator, the end result would be a stunning finish.

I’ll finish my review of “Little Greene intelligent matt emulsion” by saying, without adequate preparation, it would be pointless to invest in Designer Paint. Rigorous prep in combination with great paint (LG) delivers incredible results, but does come with a higher price tag, the decision is yours.

You might be interested in Little Green Intelligent matt emulsion data sheet, which provides additional information on the paint formula. Little Greene paint can be applied using either a paint sprayer or roller, dilution ratios and preparation tips can be found on the data sheet.

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