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I’m not what you would call an impulse buyer, I research all new purchases, especially when it’s new equipment for my business, Clear Cut Painting. I spend hours trawling the internet, reading reviews, watching YouTube videos. So when it came to purchasing a new sander I researched the topic for weeks, looking for the “Best Random Orbital Sander” on the market

What Is A Random Orbital Sander?

Random orbital sanders are perfect for tough sanding jobs where you need to remove a lot of material. They can also be used for fine sanding, including polishing. The head of the tool features a round base plate that oscillates (spins) and vibrates simultaneously.

Sanding discs are attached to the bottom of the base plate through a velcro hook and loop system. Random orbital sanders can be used for all types of sanding work without concerns for grain direction.

Sanding discs can be purchased in varied grades depending on the material being sanded. Lower the number (60,80), the courser the sandpaper. Coarse sanding discs are used when you need to remove a lot of material fast.

Best Random Orbital Sander?

So what is the best random orbital sander on the market. Mirka are the leadning  manufature of electric sanders and dust extractors for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. I ended up purchasing the Mirka DEROS 5650CV Sander 240v in combination with the Mirka 1230L Dust Extractor. It was better value to purchase a KIT which included:

  • 1 x Mirka DEROS 5650CV Orbital Sander
  • Professional Site Case (Systainer)
  • Backing Pads 125mm & 150mm
  • Mirka 4 metre dust extraction hose
  • 150mm Mirka Abranet Discs: 10 x P80, 20 x P120, 20 x P180

Best Sander For Walls

Earlier in 2019 myself and my wife purchased an older house built in 1976. One of the first issues I noticed was the condition of the plastered walls. The previous owners had stripped wood chip off the walls and ceilings and in the process scraped, scored and gouged the plaster.

There were two options available 1) Pay to have all the walls and ceilings re-skimmed 2) Purchase a sander for walls and do it myself.

I was confident that by purchasing one of the best orbital sanders on the market, I could restore the condition of the plaster without the cost of re-skimming the walls.

Within the first minutes of using the Mirka sander, I new I had made the right decision, The sander was a dream to use, lightweight, quiet and very powerful.

I started with an 80 Grade Abranet Disc to sand the walls smooth. Next I filled all the scrapes, gouges, and holes using Toupret Interior Filler. Once the filler was dry I swapped the disc for a 120 Grade Abranet Disc and continued to sand. I filled the walls and ceiling one more time using an LED light to highlight any flaws I may have missed.

A final sand using 120 Grade Abranet Disc and the room was finished. The results were impressive, super smooth plaster minus the hundreds of gouges and scrapes.

Best Orbital Sander For Dust Collection

Sanding plaster walls without the use of a dust extractor is very dirty work. Apart from the mess, there is of course the health implications associated with continuously breathing dust into your lungs. It is essential that when sanding especially with a Mirka DEROS orbital sander that you connect the tool to a dust extraction system. Mirka have specifically designed their sanders to work seamlessly with their dust extractors.

best random orbital sanderUsing the Mirka DEROS random orbital sander in combination with the Mirka dust extractor removed 99% of all dust.

Mirka Abranet Sanding Discs

The abranet sanding discs are suitable for various application (automotive, boat building, decorators, construction). Made from durable mesh fabric (polyamide), the open net weave construction allows for maximum dust extraction.

Abranet sanding discs can be purchased in boxes of 3, 10, or 50 discs and are available in: (80, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240, 320, 360, 400, 500, 600, 800, 100) grades.

I’ll admit I had hesitations with regards to how durable a mesh sanding disc would be. Now after using the Mirka DEROS sander with the Abranet Discs for a little over a year. I can say that the discs are tough, on an average sized room, I will use 1 x 80 grade and 1 x 120 grade discs for a flawless finish.

Taking into account that each sanding discs costs 0.78 pence per disc based on purchasing a box of 50. The abranet discs are worth the cost, provide and superior finish with outstanding dust extraction.

best random orbital sanderTip : Keep your worn discs, they can be reused for projects that require a finer abrasive.

If your considering investing in a new random orbital sander. I highly recommend the Mirka Deros 5650cv in combination with the 1230L Mirka Extractor. The Mirka DEROS is a pleasure to use, lightweight, fast, excellent build quality with a well designed palm trigger.

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