Best Exterior Filler For Masonry

Are you searching for a masonry filler that is 1) Effortless to mix 2) Easy to shape 3) Doesn’t shrink or flash 4) Easy to sand, well your search is over. The best exterior filler for masonry is, Toupret Touprelith F Exterior Masonry Repair Filler.

Available in 1.5kg box, 5kg bag, 15kg bag

Below I discuss why I recommend toupret and how to use it for best results.

Toupret Touprelith Exterior Filler

When looking for a good exterior filler, there are a few properties that make toupret exterior filler stand out from others.

1) Mixability, toupret exterior filler mixes effortlessly, no lumps or specialist equipment required.
2) Shrinkage, Toupret Masonry Filler does not shrink or slump even when filling large, deep holes.
3) Flashing, the term used when the newly painted area appears as a patch or discolouration. Toupret touprelith doesn’t flash and doesn’t require priming before painting.

NOTE: It is not unusual that newly painted patches of filler will take longer to dry. Once dry there should be an even distribution of colour over the area.

4) Sandable, most exterior fillers can be notoriously difficult to sand. The good news is that Toupret Filler is a pleasure to sand, although the filler once dry is hard, you can still sand and shape the filler as required.

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Mixing Instructions For Toupret Exterior Filler

Below are tips to ensure that your toupret exterior filler is mixed to the correct consistency before application. Take a Mini Paint Scuttle, and add just enough water to cover the bottom of your scuttle. Next add a little powdered exterior filler and using a 3 Inch Flex Jointing Knife mix the filler with the water.

Mixing the filler is fast and easy, use a circular or figure eight motion for 30 – 45 secs and you should have a smooth consistency.

Keep the mixture dry at first, add water gradually, a little water goes along way. It’s very easy to add too much water which ends up with the filler being to runny to work with. By adding the powdered filler in small increments ensures that you don’t waste filler.

The ideal consistency is a medium firmness, if you turn your flex knife upside down, the filler should stick. Once mixed Toupret Touprelith Exterior Filler has a working time of 30 mins. Depending on the temperature and humidity in the air will influence how fast your mixture drys out.

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What Can Masonry Crack Filler Be Used For

As a painter and decorator I use Toupret products on a daily basis. Their powdered exterior filler can be used on a variety of substrates to include: (brick, concrete, cement, breeze block, stone). Please note that you cannot use toupret touprelith exterior filler on sandstone due to the moisture content within the stone. 

If you do need to repair porous substrates like sandstone, then opt for Toupret Murex.

In the past I have used Toupret Touprelith to repair concrete floors, window sills, rendered walls and cracks in masonry. You might be interested in a previous video where I demonstrate how to mix toupret filler and skim brickwork. 

Best Exterior Filler For Masonry Video

How To Use Toupret Exterior Filler

1) Ensure that you have the correct consistency before starting. If the filler is to wet, it will slide off your filling knife, to dry and it can be hard to shape.

2) When applying the filler, I find it helps to work of a larger 6 Inch Flex Filling Knife  or a Plastering Trowel. Then use another 3 inch or 6 inch flex knife to apply the mixed filler to the substrate.

3) If your planning on painting the area being repaired, ensure that the filler is completely dry. When wet toupret is dark grey in colour. As the filler dries it turns light grey, large cracks and holes that have been filled will take longer to dry.

4) When repairing uneven masonry surfaces the use of a wet brush helps to push the filler into the contours of the surface.

5) Sanding the filler once dry, use 80 Grade Sandpaper to remove the excess and then drop down to 120 Grade Sandpaper to finish.

6) If your applying toupret exterior filler in direct sunlight, wet the surface area on which the repair is being made. This stops the substrate sucking the moisture out of the filler to quickly.

7) After 30 mins depending on the drying conditions, your mixture may become to dry. To remedy this, add a little water and remix, then recommence the repair.

8) Wash all tools with water after you have finished.

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